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Fastest Rugby Player

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One of the questions everyone wonder who is the fastest in the world of rugby? From legends like Lomu to todays Habana.

Who is the worlds the fastest,listed is each players time and there source. Lets get to the bottom of this popular question!

Note: Most of the times are not recorded recently which makes who is the fastest a large speculation game. There is more to rugby then just speed like acceleration, balance, vision, anticipation, instincts, endurance, psychology and many other elements.

#1 Fastest Rugby Player Toderai Chavanga

10.27 seconds 100m

400m Zimbabwe previous record holder.

Team: Springboks, South Africa

During the Super 14 last year i remember him out-pacing Rococoko and in the video Sivavatu gives up! Hope to see more of this guy, he still has along way to go to prove himself but holds great promise.


  1. Sivavatu giving up, quite unbelievable. Sivavatu is as fast or if not faster then Rokocoko
  2. 6 try Debut for the springboks tho against Uruguay.


#2nd Fastest Rupeni Caucau (2nd Best Wing) FIJI

100m Unknown

Time is unknown but he is the fastest person my eyes have seen on the rugby field. Speed wasn’t his only attribute he showed up world class player and running through whole team like no one else. I rate Caucau the best winger better then Lomu its too bad we never saw his full potential.

My opinion definately the best player to grace the field better then Lomu.


  1. Instincts stopping BOD
  2. Rupeni running through France in the world cup
  3. Speed strength only Caucau would score
  4. Embarassing a wallaby and 3 defenders then toying with Tiquiri
  5. Embarassing wallaby Rathbone who runs 40m in 4.6 and Brumbies team in jogging mode.
  6. 3 tries vs Crusaders tearing them apart himself

#3 Brian Habana Springboks (Best winger currently)

10.4 seconds 100m

Source: Telegraph UK

“Habana weighs 14 stone and is 5ft 11in but can bench-press 25 stone.” The best wing in the game at the moment.

Source: Times Online UK


  1. Super 14 Try of the year
  2. Habana try out of nothing
  3. 100m try against Australia

#4 Takudzwa Ngwenya U.S Eagles

10.5 seconds 100m

Source: USA Rugby

“Running the 100m dash in 10.5 seconds and setting a high school record.”

Famous for burning Habana in the world cup it was amazing, he’s got a unique stepping style.


  1. Burning Habana :D i bet he regret showing him the sideline

#5 Joe Rokocoko NZ All Blacks

10.66 100m

he can run 40m in just 4.66 seconds! He’s even faster than his fellow team-mate and winger Doug Howlett, and he can run the 100m in 10.66!”

Source: BBC Sport

Rokocoko is featured in alot of videos on youtube.


  1. Roko solo try vs Wallabies
  2. Lomu & Rokocoko

#6 Doug Howlett NZ All Blacks

10.68 100m

“Was New Zealand schoolboy champion over 100m and the 100m hurdles, and in 1997 was national under-20 champion over 100m with a fastest time of 10.68sec.” Rugby top try scorer.

Source: ABC Austalia


  1. Doug Howlett Scores Against Fiji

William Ryder

Fastest player in Rugby Sevens for Fiji. He could be faster then Toderai Chavanga. Theres plenty more of him on youtube.


  1. Hong Kong Sevens 2007 – Fiji Vs Samoa
  2. William Ryder Dancing With The Stars
  3. Fiji Vs Scotland – Ryder 1st try
  4. Fiji Vs Scotland – Ryder 2nd try
  5. New Zealand Vs Fiji
  6. Fiji v Samoa

Jason Robinson, England

I’ve added a dedicated area for Jason Robinson he might not be the fastest over 100m. He’s definitely one of the most dangerous players in 40m and fastest over 10m allowing him to always beat his man.


  1. Jason Robinson vs Australia 2001
  2. 6N 2007 – England vs Scotland
  3. Jason Robinson England vs Wales 2003
  4. Winning Try Sale Sharks v. Bath (Last club rugby game, DREAM FINISH)

Other deserved mentions:

Paul Sackey England

10.7 100m

Source: Daily Telegraph

Jonah Lomu NZ All Blacks (Best Wing of all time)

10.8 100m

100m 10.8 The Rugby great Jonah Lomu weighing in a big 120 KG on the wing. A devastating runner with his agility, speed and power.

  1. Jonah Documentary
  2. Lomu & Rokocoko

Stapleton(Force Super 14) 10.27, Soseni Anesi 4.53 40m (Chiefs), Varndell 100m 10.8(England)

Agility & Fastest short distance 0-40m unorderd:

WORLD RECORD sprinter Ben Johnson’s 40 meter split of 4.38 seconds though if Johnson was running a 40meter sprint it would be lower.

FASTEST Recorded 40m: Soseni Anesi 4.53 40m (Chiefs)

source (broken now):

Fastest: William Ryder (my opinion)

Jason Robinson, England

Shane Williams, Wales

Toderai, South Africa

Habana, South Africa

Caucau, Fiji

Who do you think’s the fastest? Have your say?

If you have any times with sources and speed of the players post it as a comment and i will add it on the web page.

Best Rugby sidestep

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One of the most exciting facets of Rugby is the rugby step also know as the rugby sidestep. In full flight it is unstoppable for any defender. There’s no better feeling than standing your opponent up then burning him with a rugby step.

Rugby Step: Sidesteps Videos

Quade Cooper (AUS) Super 14: Queensland Reds

Rugby Sidestep

3 movement step that completely fools the opponent without a hand on him. I was struggling to watch it a few times to pick up his technique fakes a rugby step in mid air and fakes his upper body.

Shane Williams, Gerald Ieuan


The Welsh call it Jinking. Shane Williams a very illusive player with his explosive rugby sidestep that allows him to transfer his weight explosively off balancing his opponent. He”s had quite a lot of moments embarrassing international players.

Shane Williams vs Fiji RWC 2007

Shane magic

The defense has him covered with only the full back to beat so what he does is fake a kick. Steps inside and kills the whole team. Jason Robinson likes to use this tactic on kick returns he sizes the opponent up, drifts on a angle & fakes to kick rugby sidestep. This allows enough space and indecisiveness opening up space for him to zoom through.

Jason Robinson (England)

Stephen Jones v England/Jason Robinson v Wales – RWC03

00:31 Shane Williams catches the ball in 22 Runs outside and rugby side steps inside Ben Kay. Gets on the outside of his next opponent to set his teammate into a gap.

2:14 Jason Robinson gets the ball runs diagonal pretends to pass to his team mate on outside. The defender is in 2 minds, he does his hop and theres a half gap Robinson just burns them.

Fiji Rugby

Great Fijian Tries

1st try great work by there forward he fakes stepping into the gap he wouldn”t have broken and draws in 6 players. The French defense line is broken and Caucau swerves past Rougerie showing why hes the fastest in Rugby.

3rd Try great strides by Delasau it looks so natural and fluid his opponent gave up.

Serevi “The Magician”

Reason he is a magician

This guy is unbelievable and so cocky i love it. This is against New Zealand the 2nd best side he shames them without trying. 2 cocky side steps and a explosive dummy pass step.

Just too easy

A explosive dummy pass step then a simple step inside just to break the tackle. Makes it look so easy.

Goose rugby step

Goose rugby Step by Serevi made famous by David Campese. The video features the importance of reading your opponent.

William Ryder

Half a second

Ryder side stepping around. Only takes half a second miss-read and he’s away.

Whole team

Through the whole team. Nice examples of a rugby swerve and his famous rugby skip step he loses no speed from.

Best sevens player

Shaun”s Steps at National”s ” 07

Personal videorugby side step

Nice work by these young touch players some of the moves are intense like combo-stepping and ball in hand tricks. Quite a few players have a background in playing touch.

Phil Bennett

All side ways

Classic days of Rugby his side step is ALL side ways.

Greatest try ever featuring Rugby site step sensation Gareth Edwards

Best try? Amazing lateral rugby side step

Rated as best try of all time started and ended by Gareth Edwards. His first one is amazing while off balance, the explosiveness allows him to beat his 3 opponents without getting touched. If only theres was a player of that caliber playing today.

Bryan Habana awesome try vs England

More then just speed

The English player was out of the defensive line he dummies. Habana steps out, then in, then out while ducking. Bit lazy defense but still great work.

Takudzwa Ngwenya SMOKES Bryan Habana Side Step

Infamous burning of Habana Side step

Everyones talking about this try. Ngwenya he steps in and out to slow down Habana but the important movement that stands out is his Rugby step is erratic that Habana couldn”t read it. By the time Habana is facing him he”s already on the outside. Habana would of caught him if the field was longer he was gaining but he was already over.

David Campese (Wallabies Legend) Side Step / Swerve

All instincts Side Step Master does it so casually

Change of pace burns his opponent, dummy pass and outside inside on amazing. The way he does it is like he”s reading the situation & understands what will happen. He was always a instinctive player and one of my favourite all time wingers.

Fooling his opponent

Campese one of the smartest players to play the game. Inside and outside his opponent has no clue.

France Classic French Flair Side Step

1991 France vs England

00:27 the guy looks like hes going slow motion doing a side step in mid air, amazing!!

Christian Cullen All Blacks site step (Rated as best full back by some)

1 man army Rugby side step through whole team

This video highlights the skill of running the right angles, you don”t have to have all the flashy movements. A nice dummy for one of most embarrassing moments for the NSW Waratahs history.

Cullen side step magic

1:28 awsome all sideways steps. His technique is amazing like the Welsh greats.

2:24 Nothing too flashy just good angles on the inside off footing his opponent.

Tommy Leuluai powerful side step

Powerful rugby hop step

Does a hop step, another variation with more power but lesser clean break.

Magic Moments:

Rokocoko side stepping in rugby world cup 2003 doing a spin offload with his opponent right in front of him. One of the best moves i”ve seen too bad theres no video of it.

Lote Tiquiri staying low on the ground for a kick return in the rugby world cup and dumping the kick chaser. All instinct, intelligence and class.

Play Rugby Games Online

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Want to play Rugby Games online?

Collection of the best online games on the internet email me if you have any more rugby games you would like to share.

Flick n Kick online rugby game

Very easy and addictive game.

Fun Easy Rugby Game

Tackle Your boss online Rugby game

Fun short game thats tests how far you can tackle your boss!

Tackle Your boss online Rugby game

Fun short game thats tests how far you can tackle your boss!

Tackle your boss

Online Kicking Rugby Game

How good of a kicker are you? basic game

Rugby Kicking

Hays Rugby Game

Score a one man try through the whole team. Can you do it on the first go?

Run through the opposition

RBS 6 Nations Rugby game

Collection of great games by official RBS 6 Nations.

Alot of fun rugby gamesPartyball, Click for a ticket, Coin rugby
Game one – catch and mark
Game two – kick for touch

Game three – lineout

Game four – scrum

Game five – winger

Game six – the final

England Academy BBC Rugby Game

England Rugby Academy

  • Skills test (learn the skills of rugby)
    • passing
    • tackling
    • line-outs
    • scrums
    • kicking
    • advanced kicking
  • Six Nations Game (an actual rugby game)

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EA Rugby 2010 Game for PC, Playstation, XBox

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Will Electronic Arts release a Rugby 2010?

Unfortunately as of March 2010 there is still no word of the release of a new rugby game by EA.

There is a petition online for the new rugby game but i doubt EA will, hopefully EA develops one.

The Good News on Rugby 2011

The rugby world cup is coming soon and usually that means a interest spike in Rugby and a good theme for the game (world cup). Hopefully EA pay’s attention and releases Rugby 2010, 2011 soon.

Here’s some info i found online:

Your best bet is to go to and just keep checking there.
HB Studios were the fellas that made Rugby 05, 06 and 08, and they’re currently at work at like, 8 titles. Hopefully one of them is rugby :)

There will be a rugby2010.
The rugby section of EA get so little funding that they can only afford to bring out a rugby game every second year.
So we had 06, 08 and we’ll have 010, 012, 014 etc.

Any updates just post a comment, if i find any i will let you guys know here. Thanks.

Rugby fights Knockout videos

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Here’s my favourite videos of rugby knock outs, rugby injuries and rugby punch ups. If you have any you would like to share, just give me an email and i will add it to the rugby knock out collection.

Strong hard hit up is known as a lining the defence up and running it straight as hard as possible.

Here are some great examples of rugby players in action:

Joel Clinton Rugby League from Brisbane Broncos gets knockedout COLD by center Jerome Ropati from the Warriors.

France bad boy Sebastien Chabal gets put on his ass by the power of Argentina. Watch how high he flies its pretty cool, Air France should name a plane after him.

Chris Masoe drunk playing for the All Blacks.

Chabal breaks Ali Williams jaw with a powerful hit up. Ali Williams is known to be cocky, maybe things will change.

State of Origin Fights

Michael Crocker throws the first punch, lands a few soft shots and cops one of the chin by Justin Poore.

Fui Fui Moi Moi steam rolling down the park until he crashes into something English.

Wallabies James Horwell getting his eye busted up by the French.

One of the most outright punches by touble maker on Ronan O’Gara.

English bad boy Andrew Sheridan meets Julian White the OG.